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People over here like to talk about the crazy drivers over there:  in Rome or Naples – foreign places but still, marginally, Europe.  We can’t even conceive the chaos in cities more foreign, still ‘developing’ to become more like us.  Crazy is an inadequate word for places like Mumbai or Chenai – we need some stronger word like chaotic or anarchic. 

Here are some films shot in Asian cities.  It seems at least some people who have studied Asian traffic have seen their initial prejudices of chaos and danger being replaced with an understanding of an underlying order.  One photographer said –

As it happens, I shot a similar video last summer in Urumqi, except there’s also a pedestrian crossing going through it which is freely used by the cars doing u-turns. I started to video it to show people how bad the traffic and driving was. After 10 minutes of filming I realised that it all worked rather well, and felt suitably humbled about my prejudices.

Global South Mobility Library on youtube.

From the website –

This “Global South Mobility” section of the New Mobility Agenda video collection provides a collection of private views of both the problems (most of which based on the results of the imported car-based, “old mobility” model from the North) and the Global South’s search for new and often original and surprising solutions. And as with the other sub-sets here (including till now: Old Mobility, New Mobility, and World Carshare) part of our challenge is not only to seek striking examples of both problems and solutions, but also to lay the whole thing out in a way that makes it easy to navigate, view and learn from. For now this is begin organized as a private invitation-only activity during the development stage. Once we have something worthy in hand, we can see what we will do next.


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April 9, 2009 at 4:35 pm

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