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What happens when the rig made at enormous expense in the gulf of Mexico delivers its final barrel of crude and the company packs up and heads off to fairer pastures?  Make a luxury hotel say Morris Architects.  These are images that show some of their ideas which include floating pod condos and the refurbished rig.  It’s an extravagant idea:  living on a mechanical island with nothing but sea around you:  extravagant in terms of the extreme environment and too, in terms of its cost.

For a construction that is in the sea, this project is remarkably separated from it.  Perhaps it’s an American sensibility; a fear of the water, an inability to swim.  On the new rig hotel, you are either in your pod in the air with the sea way below or you are in the dive bell submerged below the water line.  There is a small marina, but aside from that no substantial connection between life on the rig and the water body that supports it:  I think a reminder of how we build, grounded in fear and without an understanding of genius locii – the spirit of the place.


Written by Peter Rudd

May 10, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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  1. And humans are still frightened creatures as our primary refuge from the elements is still underground.

    If something does go terribly wrong, you are days at the least from rescue. Unlike a beach resort, where rescue from a terrible storm is no more than a few minutes away (unless you live in Louisiana).

    I don’t think we’re biologically equipped to have a substantial connection to the body of water either way(barring genetic engineering, but that’s another topic).

    Oil rigs are a poor choice for quality habitats, I think. They’re better used as offshore data storage or web hosting without interference from government ethical standards. International waters and all that. Or research facilities.

    Some type of use that doesn’t require much of a human presence.


    May 10, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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