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Here is a documentary about the British painter Francis Bacon from the South Bank Show on ubuweb.  Or you can watch it above, in parts, on youtube.   The interviewer is Melvyn Bragg who now does In Our Time.   From ubuweb –

Part of The South Bank Show series, David Hinton directs this BBC documentary about British painter Francis Bacon, known for his horrifying portraits of humanity. The program consists of a series of conversations between Bacon and interviewer Melvyn Bragg, starting with commentary during a side-show presentation at the Tate Gallery in London. Later in the evening, Bacon is followed through various bars hanging out, drinking, and gambling. In another segment, Bacon provides a tour of his painting studio and a glimpse at his reference photographs of distorted humans. The artist discusses his theories, influences, and obsessions. This title won an International Emmy Award in 1985. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

Bacon says “I believe in a deeply ordered chaos.”   He paraphrases Aeschylus, “the reek of human blood, it’s laughter to my heart.”  Aeschylus actually says, “the reek of human blood smiles out of me.”  Bacon again, “I don’t want to tell a story.  I have no story to tell.”  And, “I make images that intellect will never make.”  And, “How marvellous [hanging] carcasses are! How beautiful!”  And, “What could I make to compete [with] what goes on every single day. If you read the newspapers, if you look at television, if you know what’s going on in the world… what could I do to compete with the horror that’s going on?”


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June 16, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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