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From Curbed Architectural Craziness Redux:  Meet Manhattan Airport!

Brought to you by the same dull minds that brought you highways and parking garages on rivers, malls swimming in endless seas of parking, freeways cutting through once living cities – but alas no more – the cloverleaf, social housing blocks, the list goes on … Crackpot airport!  Come die with us.

This looks like it’s serious and even if it’s not, a huge, huge proportion of the public would with stupid ease sign the petition, mark an x on the plebicite and get it passed.

They call Central Park, which has thousands of people recreating in it every day all year round, the last remaining undeveloped property in Manhattan.

Can you imagine having a flat on the upper east?  Every ten minutes a jet screaming 20 feet from your bedroom window?  You would have to time your cocktail banter with friends between the jumbos taking off and landing, and the rattling of the window panes.  Saturdays you would wring the black out of the drapes.

The city would become a half empty slum.

Make sure you read the faq page where you’ll learn how your parkside property value will go up and how Strawberry Fields will be incorporated into baggage claim!


Written by Peter Rudd

July 21, 2009 at 8:17 pm

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