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Here’s the naming evolution of the great phychedelic rock band Spinal Tap from Jonathan Ross’s interview with the superstars on the BBC.

Jonathan Ross – You’re such a big band, I think people tend to forget your beginnings, the bands that you had, the star you played in years ago.   And I’d like to remind people with a bit of, well you are Spinal Tap at this time.  Before that you were the Thames Beats –?

David St. Hubbins –  Thamesmen then the Dutchmen and then the Thamesmen again.  Before that we were the Originals and the New Originals. And after that we were the Gravebreakers, and Silver Service and the Waffles.

Derek Smalls – And Hot Waffles.

Nigel Tufnel – You see, we were the Originals but there was another group then called the Originals so we became the New Originals.

JR -So you weren’t the original Originals …

DSH – They became the Regulars – it’s a long story.


Written by Peter Rudd

August 11, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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