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cronenberg – the new flesh

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A documentary from 1986 about the films of David Cronenberg.

From the film, Cronenberg on horror – –

We have created our own universe and therefore what is wrong with it also comes from us. /…/ The idea that you carry the seeds of your own destruction around with you always and that they can erupt at any time is scarier because there is no defence against it, there’s no escape from it.

A very empathetic bit from Cronenberg on what it’s like to be a disease —

A virus is only doing its job, you know, it’s only trying to live its life.  The fact that it’s trying to destroy you by doing it, is really not it’s fault.  So, I think it’s trying to understand the interrelationship between organisms, even those that we perceive as disease.  And to understand it from the disease’s point of view, of course it’s just a matter of life.  It has nothing to do being a disease.  I think most diseases would be very shocked to be considered a disease at all.  It has a very negative connotation.  For them it’s very positive when they pick over your body and destroy you.  It’s a triumph.

The director again, on the middleclass and how it deals with violence —

The strength of the middle class is that it’s like a giant amoeba, it can absorb anything.  What seems radical and threatening to it, the way that it defends itself is not to put a shell around it that can be cracked and broken, but to just absorb everything and assimilate it.


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March 5, 2009 at 6:25 pm

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